Caution When Creative / by Elmer Canas

(Original Post January 2011)

I find myself pumped up about creative ideas. But then I hear God's voice saying, "don't get caught up with all the creative stuff because you just might miss your encounter with the Creator!" It's alright to tap into God's creativity and thoughts. Obviously we were created in His image. and likeness. But as I've said before when you focus so hard on the task and not purpose, you lose your focus and it's dangerous. Lucifer (Satan before condemnation) was a master musician, the best. He focused so hard on his skill, "to create an atmosphere of worship", that he easily forgot who he was created to worship.And eventually it led to his own down fall.

Be creative, be different, experiment, see God's hand upon your creative thoughts and risks. But always remember to return to the One who gives you those ideas. And give Him the glory. Because in all that we do we do it for His glory.

A bride can work so hard on her own wedding, that she doesn't enjoy the most important day, the day she dreamed of her entire life, because she was focused on preparation and not on the celebration. Think about it.