Story Telling through Pictures / by Elmer Canas

(Original Post January 2012)

With today's technology there is no excuse not to share a simple photograph to help enhance a story. With the amazing picture quality on our mobile devices a picture is as simple as making a phone call. Here are some pro's and cons to using photos on posts, blogs and other social media venues.

Your audience can relate better to the content of the story as they can see your environment and those around you.
You don't have to get so wordy on your posts because a picture helps explain a lot of the little details that would usually take you additional characters or paragraphs.
If your trying to make a sale or convince your audience on your product or idea, people prefer visual content when making a decision on making purchases or investing energy on creating something.

Consider eBay, Craigslist and some of the monster web vendors. They rely heavily on products having pictures tagged to their products. Anytime I've sold an item on eBay or Craigslist without a picture, the buyer always request that I send them a picture. Nuff said!

You have to be mindful of what or who you are taking a picture of.
If your at a birthday party or event where there are several children; believe me, parents don't like for their kids to appear on Facebook or twitter without their prior consent.
If you take pictures of certain brands and publish them on a public site, depending on what it is, you might be notified and asked to remove the content from your blog or post.

There's several other pro's and con's that can be addressed but overall; use pictures to tell your stories. It makes them much more interesting.

Also, when you upload pictures to a social site, most of the time you can delete the picture from your computer or phone and make more space for you. That's always a plus!