What Does My Future Look Like? / by Elmer Canas

(Original Post September 2011)

What does my future look like?

This is a question we ask ourselves daily, if not  just about every month. With so much changing in our society from Education, Technology, Culture in general, what will my community look like in 10, 20 or 3o years? Attempting to figure out our purpose in life on a daily basis, doesn't help our cause. Things are always changing and evolving. Technology has created a seamless society that is connected just about 80% of our existence to another individual or group of individuals via Facebook or Tweeter.There's nothing bad with that. My only piece of advice would be, "don't take yourself to serious, allow room for growth and run after your dreams. But do make sure you're surrounded with people that will encourage and lift you up when the world comes tumbling down. Be flexible, learn from the new trends, styles and genres. This allows you to visit other concepts that can help build you into a better stronger person.

The purpose of this question in the first place is because, watching my year old son (almost two) interact with my current technology, instruments and devices it amazes me to see his response and coordination to the items. For example, at 8 months Baby Jordan would take my iPhone, hide in a corner and listen to my iPod app for a great length of time. After time he could find his own apps and choose his own movie via netflix. He grabs his drum sticks and plays along(on beat) to the songs we're sing on Sundays. It amazes me how his brain functions and how as Jordan grows, so does society. How is it that this little boy can manage using my iPad successfully by playing the games he wants, watching the movies that he wants and listening to his jams. What will Face time and Skype look like? It's amazing. Maybe I'll never find the clear cut answer that I'm hoping to here one day, but at least I got you thinking about tomorrow.

Let's not look to far ahead just yet, think about tomorrow. What is gonna happen tomorrow? How will it happen? and why will it happen? How will society had evolved over night? From Dusk to Dawn? Please feel free to share your comments and opinions.