It Takes Commitment / by Elmer Canas

Life is built on commitments. Relationships, assignments, responsibilities, dreams...all rest upon the depth and passion of ones personal commitment.

Marriage, friendships,  family, is all reliant on how much we each "choose" to lean in (commit) to love and support one another. Our assignments or responsibilities in life either open new doors, turn new positive chapters or leave us in the dust based on how we "choose" to commit to them. Our dreams will only come true when we commit to seeing them fulfilled. God conceives the dream. God provides for the dream. God goes before us to prepare for the arrival of the dream. BUT we must commit to the dream and give birth to it. We can't blame others for our lack of success, or blame an environment for cultivating a lack of passion and vision. It's all within us. We must CHOOSE to COMMMIT to the call of God in our lives.

Another way of putting this thought into perspective is FAITH. "Faith without works is dead." (James 2:17) Beliving or hoping will lead us to the door but we must be take action and step through the doors God has so graciously opened for us along our path.

My wife, Laurie, recently shared her heart with me and said, "To many times men go jumping through windows to get something but God opens doors. I'd much rather go through the front door and it be God's will then to have to force my way through a window and be out of the will of God." (Drop the mic!) How true is this? The only reason we choose short cuts is because we become impatient in waiting. Waiting takes commitment. When I "wait" on my wife to get ready when we're heading out somewhere, my tolerance for how long I'm willing to wait stems from my commitment to her and our relationship. We tend to get impatient with God because the depth of our commitment with Him is pretty shallow, so therefore a window commitment seems very appealing, versus having to stare into the eyes of our relationships, responsibilities and dreams as the door opens. (Speaking metaphorically)

The importance of commitment goes beyond the simple things and to the depths of who we will be in the future, the legacy we leave behind for generations to come and the foot print we leave upon the earth. Make a decision. Go to God, and re-evaluate what you've chosen to commit to. I pray this helps you move from where you are today, to where God has purposed for you to be.