My parents named me at birth, because I am their child, and I guess I looked like a Jr. at birth. My friends gave me nick names because of how I was able to fit in with them. My church family gave me a name that describes what I do at church. The world identifies me based on of my accomplishments, academic accolades, financial status, my gender and the color of my skin.

“Names” are given to us by man. They identify who we are, what we can do, and in some cases what type of access we’ll have in life. Our names are connected to our destiny. The challenge we all face is deciding which name we will embrace?

Here’s a revelation that I hope can help encourage you beyond your current situation.

“MAN NAMES YOU, BUT GOD DEFINES YOU.” Jacob (the supplanter) was a victim to his name most of his life. Regardless if he was able to manipulate circumstances and reach a place of prosperity, he was never truly satisfied. One day he had an encounter with God. Then God renamed Jacob to Israel, based on the fight and potential that was within him. An adulterous woman is brought before Jesus to be stoned to death. But after an encounter with Jesus she goes from an adulterous woman, to forgiven. A blind beggar whom is forgotten and overlooked because of his condition, receives a miracle and turns into an advocate of Jesus. Saul, the persecutor of Christians is renamed Paul, and becomes one of the greatest messengers of the gospel.

It doesn’t matter what man names you, allow God to define you. What’s inside of you is much greater than the situation in which you find yourself in. People will let us down, but God won’t. Our emotions will let us down, but God won’t. My defeats don’t define me. My victories don’t define me. My talents don’t define me. My social status doesn’t define me. Only God has the final word. He defines every ounce of who I am.
I might sign my name as Elmer on a piece of paper, but I walk this earth knowing that I am a Giant Slayer. My title at work might say one thing, but I’m not limited to the positions of men. I am a child of God, with an all access pass to our Heavenly Father via the only way, the truth, and life that is Jesus Christ! Everything around us is prone to change - but God’s word is forever. Find yourself in Him.

Final thought - “Landmarks can leave an imprint on the earths cities and landscapes for thousands of years, but who God says you are can change an eternity. Somebody’s eternity is dependent on you embracing the purpose and destiny that God has marked you with.” Somebody is waiting for you to rise up and slay some giants. And that somebody might be closer to you then you think.